We all know Andrew Harris the, “AH” in the DBSAH and we know he has a bit of a competitive side. It seems like more of a temper tantrum fire breathing alter ego that he unleashes during cross season. This normally comes out when he has a bike mechanical, crash (cornering or sandy pits), or some other form of dark magic arises, then you can hear his expletives across most of the CX course and through the pits. Parents with children are muffling their ears and the non serious cross racers standby wondering if Harris needs a hug or forgot his medicine. The Donger Bros. coined the term “Don’t Be Such A Harris” last season to keep the mood upbeat and light in the Donger Mfg. tent. We will continue to heckle on course athletes include Harris, reminding them that Sven didn’t show up this weekend so there is no need to take it so seriously, take a pull of whiskey have a beer, and enjoy the weekend! Keep an eye out for the limited edition decals floating around the course on numerous CX bikes and remind fellow athletes that CX is magnificent!